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Florida Driver's Handbook
Chapter 2: The Florida Driver License

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  • You will be restricted to wearing corrective lenses when you drive if you need to wear contact lenses or glasses to pass the test.
  • Telescopic lenses - you are not eligible for a driver license if you wear glasses with telescopic lenses.

Your driving privilege will be revoked if you are unable to meet the minimum vision standards. To pass, you must meet the following vision standards with or without corrective lenses:

  • 20 / 40 or better vision in each eye with or without corrective lenses meets state requirements without referral to an eye specialist.
  • 20 / 50 or worse vision in either eye with or without corrective lenses are referred to an eye specialist for possible improvement.
  • Of King - Fakes 20 / 70 or worse vision in either eye, or both eyes together may pass with or without corrective lenses.
  • If one eye is blind or 20 / 200 or worse, the other eye must be 20 / 40 or better.
  • The use of telescopic lenses to meet visual standards is not recognized in Florida.

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